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Learn at your own pace and flexible schedule!


We Learn, We grow Together

At Saremifa Global Music Academy, we are passionate about helping you learn and grow as a musician. Our online music lessons are designed to teach you the fundamentals of music theory while also developing your contemporary performance skills.

Our structured programs make it easy to understand and learn in an engaging manner. Whether you're a beginner or have prior learning experience, we offer online music classes that cater to your needs. Our virtual music lessons cover a range of instruments, including guitar, piano, and drums.

Our online music courses are taught by experienced music teachers who are passionate about music education. With our global music academy, you can learn music theory, instrument lessons online, and even explore your individual musical style.

So if you're looking for an online music school that offers the best online piano lessons, drum lessons & vocal lessons ,you've come to the right place. Join Saremifa Global Music Academy today and start your journey towards becoming a skilled musician!

Jewel, one of our talented students, playing the piano with Saremifa Global

We are global!

At Saremifa Global Music Academy, we welcome students from all over the world, regardless of age, region, or skill level. Our virtual music lessons are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and we have students from countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and Singapore.

Adult woman learning guitar online with Saremifa Global instructor
Modern African man smiling and singing in front of a professional microphone while learning online with Saremifa Global.

Listen to Our Students & their Parents

“Thank you for teaching my daughter Chloe. She really enjoys the piano lessons and has improved a lot in her ability to play”

Michelle, 31, USA

“The keyboard & vocal lessons have really helped me improve my playing and singing. Thank you Saremifa”

Krithi ,16, India

“The drum & percussion lessons at saremifa are really good. I've improved my timing & control when playing at home and on stage .”

Christian, 18, USA

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